DCC parking fines total $2m for year

Avoid Moray Pl in August.

That may sound like a secret code, but it could help you dodge a parking ticket in Dunedin.

Last year, the city's motorists forked out nearly $2 million for the 64,341 parking fines issued by the Dunedin City Council.

That number is up from 2017 when 58,802 fines were issued for a total value of $1,809,741.

Moray Pl continues to be the street where the most tickets were issued, 8066, nearly double the number in Great King St (4216) where the second-highest number were handed out.

George (2971), Filleul (2911) and Stuart (2591) Sts were the next highest.

August was the month when the greatest number of tickets (6799) were issued and January (3660) the month with the least.

Other months in which more than 6000 tickets were issued included May, June, September and October.

Council compliance solutions manager Ros MacGill said the increase from 2017 was due to a full complement of enforcement staff (10) being employed from June last year.

The cost of parking enforcement was covered by the infringements fines issued and any surplus
was used to offset council rates, she said.

Not everyone issued a fine had pay them. There were 4477 requests to have tickets waived in 2018 and 2077 of those were successful.

If people felt there were mitigating circumstances concerning their ticket, they could plead their case and if successful, it was waived.

Others ignored their tickets completely.

The number of unpaid tickets lodged with the Ministry of Justice for non-payment was 10,653 and the value of those unpaid tickets hit a total of $656,626.



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