Explosions wreck uninsured vehicle

Explosions gutted an expensive uninsured car in North Taieri on Saturday afternoon.

Dunedin City station officer Mark Townsend said several friends were driving from Outram after a swim. As they travelled up Three Mile Hill, a car engine started to smoke and flames appeared from under the bonnet, he said.

The driver pulled into a City Forests layby, and he and his passengers got out.

The car exploded and that was followed by another two ''good explosions,'' he said.

''The poor guy didn't have any insurance and he'd just spent about $30,000 getting the car fixed up.''

Nobody was injured, he said.

Three fire trucks, from Dunedin, Roslyn and Willowbank, extinguished the fire in about five minutes, he said.

''It was a charred mess.''

As a precautionary measure, surrounding vegetation was dampened because of the high temperatures and wind.


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