Hurry up and slow it down

After years of protesting and lobbying  by the Port Chalmers community, Union Co cafe owner Pete...
After years of protesting and lobbying by the Port Chalmers community, Union Co cafe owner Pete Cole hopes the Dunedin City Council’s support finally means the speed limit on George St is reduced to 30kmh. Photo: Gregor Richardson
The NZ Transport Agency has been told to hurry up and reduce the speed limit in Port Chalmers’ main road.

The Port Chalmers and community has long been pushing for the speed limit in George St to be reduced from 50kmh to 30kmh.Protests have been held, submissions made and  petitions signed but so far there has been no permanent change.

Sections of the street have been  temporarily  reduced to 30kmh.

On Tuesday, the Dunedin City Council voted to support the lowering of the speed limit and requested  it be done before October 1, 2019.

Cr Aaron Hawkins said the NZTA had the power to reduce the speed limit and did not have to wait until 2020 when its next review  was  planned.  Cr Wilson said she would have supported a stronger motion, asking the NZTA to reduce the speed before the end of November.

"Given the work this community board has done and the data already collected, it seems perverse to me this hasn’t been done already."

Pete Cole, owner of the Union Co Cafe in George St,  said it was well past time the speed limit was reduced.

Mr Cole said he had seen too many close calls through the cafe’s windows.

"It seems like unless someone dies, nothing will be done about it."

He hoped the council’s message was heeded.

West Harbour Community Board chairman Steve Walker said he would like to see the 30kmh speed limit in place before the next cruise ship season. It would be a win for the community, tourists and the "long-suffering" George St business owners, Mr Walker said.

Port Otago already has a voluntary speed limit of 30kmh for its trucks in George St and has paid for the permanent placement of an electronic radar sign at the entrance to the town.


Come on Hawkins, simple get the DCC to put a cycle lanes in, remove the carparks- businesses will close, no car traffic will go there, just cycles. This will encourage people to cycle in the rain hail and snow just like the other cycle lanes in Dunedin, problems solved and its a way cheaper solution. To be honest what a load of rubbish how long has it been 50 km? what has changed in that time what you are saying is you are investing more effort in a Main Street of PC' speed limit, than you place on school children near schools, 40 near schools vs 30 km Main Street of PC. To be frank and honest I think any councillor needs street credibility and should have to have held a real job which would give them common dog, and worldly skills. obviously this is lacking in some corners of the DCC

Trn2Dun Slow down and take a breath. The issue is safety in a colonial street that was built for pedestrians, cycles, horses and carts/carriages. In the old central city streets of Europe with the same dilemma they make them vehicle free except for deliveries. Being a port those giant double trucks loaded with logs go through. Common sense has to prevail here. Reducing speed and as much traffic as possible has to happen when you have thousands of pedestrians at risk alongside them.
Oh and why are commenters always asking people to 'take a real job' if they hold a different opinion to them?

Breath taken, I could not find any stats on how many people have been injured in the area, the logging trucks have been there for years whats changed? - why are commenters always asking people to 'take a real job' if they hold a different opinion to them?because in my short life of 40 odd years I've seen people in positions of power who have nil life skills and totally stuffed things up with no accountability which IMO happens way too much with the councillors at the DCC such as the coined phrase "Fake it until you make it comes to mind. in my short life the best managers I have ever had and witnessed are the ones who have done the hard yards and worked there way up, not the ones who who have letters after their name for being at uni and find themselves in a position and know it all, example Cull and original subject. Dunedin needs people like Councillor Lee Vandervis possibly Steadman has life skills but might be still finding his feet or under the Cull spell and says nothing, He is the opposite to what he could do during his campaign and now appears to be back in realestate so could possible be a conflict of interest and or not doing his best for Dunedin