Kylie's killer denied parole

Paul Bailey in 2005
Paul Bailey in 2005
The man jailed for murdering Owaka teenager Kylie Smith in 1991 has been denied parole because "he poses an undue risk of reoffending" and "cannot be safely released into the community", a Parole Board hearing has found.

Details in a parole hearing report released yesterday show the New Zealand Parole Board declined parole for Paul David Bailey (45) because he had refused to participate in the Kia Marama child sex offender treatment programme, refused psychological assessment interviews, and chose not to appear in front of the Parole Board, signing a written waiver instead.

Bailey was jailed for life for raping and murdering 15-year-old Kylie Smith on November 1, 1991, while he was on bail for attempted rape.

He became eligible for parole in 2002 but has been subject to three-year postponement orders, in March 2003 and June 2007.

Kylie's parents, Bevan and Dawn Smith, have been fighting for 18 years to keep Bailey in jail.

They met the Parole Board in Christchurch on May 31 to oppose his release from custody, because he had refused to address the causes of his offending.

Bailey is scheduled to reappear before the board in August, when he will be given a further parole postponement order.


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