Musterers' race a highlight

For those who like a meat pie and a beer, and who are not too bad on a horse, the Strath Taieri A and P Show on Saturday has just the thing - the annual musterers' race.

The race attracts large crowds each year to watch about eight contestants - and their partners - battle for line honours.

Organiser Sheree Healey said the race began with the consumption of a meat pie and a beer before competitors carry a hay bale about 50m to their horse.

They then saddle the horse before galloping around the arena to their partner, who they tow on a sack the length of the arena.

''It is awesome. The horse is going full gallop, so you have to hold on. There is a bit of a technique to it,'' Miss Healey, who also takes part, said.

The partner then had to drink a beer, unsaddle the horse and gallop bareback around the arena, avoiding any obstacles: ''That's the fun part.''

It was competitive with much ''skulduggery'' and friendly ''cheating'' going on.

Last year, baked beans were the choice of food but, because not everyone finished before starting the race, a pie had been chosen this year.

The A and P Show is on March 1 at the Strath Taieri A&P Showgrounds and features plenty of other activities.

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