Police disappointed by drink-drivers

Dunedin police are disappointed with the number of intoxicated drivers caught during the weekend.

Acting Senior Sergeant Matt Scoles said eight people were apprehended for driving with excess breath-alcohol between midnight and 7am on Sunday.

''A lot of the readings were very high,'' he said.

''It's very disappointing from a police perspective that people continue to drive having recently consumed alcohol and ... quite large quantities of alcohol.''

Drivers apprehended were found to have breath-alcohol levels of between 597mcg and 1011mcg - up to over two and a-half times the 400mcg limit.

Sgt Coles said that while the message about the dangers of drink-driving seemed to be resonating with the wider public - ''perhaps it's not getting through to some as it should''.

''It's [the number apprehended] quite a big spike to what we have been used to in recent times,'' Sgt Coles said.

Six of those apprehended were caught by members of the Southern District Rural Drink Drive Team, while the other two were found to be intoxicated after crashing their vehicles, he said.

The minor crashes did not result in injury but still demonstrated the dangers of drink-driving.

The eight people will appear in the district court.


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