Red Cross blocked

Red Cross volunteers and vehicles on a training exercise were blocked by an irate landowner on Otago Peninsula last night.

Police were called to resolve a dispute after a Company Bay resident took umbrage at Red Cross vehicles and volunteers using a private rural road about 9pm.

The Red Cross representatives, in marked vehicles and wearing uniforms, had been taking part in a radio training exercise in remote areas when the incident occurred.

Senior Sergeant Dave Scott, of the Southern District Command Centre, said the group was in a rural area of Company Bay, ''when a landowner has taken exception to this and blocked them in''.

''Police were trying to negotiate with him to try and move his vehicle, so that the Red Cross vehicles can leave.''

The landowner was demanding an apology from those concerned, he said.

Following negotiations, the man had a change of heart about 10.40pm and the volunteers were able to leave the scene.

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