Regional council director moving on but not very far

Sian Sutton
Sian Sutton
A departing Otago Regional Council director has found a new job just across town at Aurora Energy.

Earlier this week, regional council stakeholder engagement director Sian Sutton confirmed she had resigned from her role about 18 months after being hired.

At the time, Mrs Sutton declined to elaborate on where she would be going, but yesterday a press release from Aurora announced she had been appointed as that organisation’s customer and engagement general manager.

It was new opportunities outside of the local government sector rather than any disillusionment with the regional council which prompted the move, she said.

"I’m really happy with my time there. It was a fantastic role to take on and I got to take in this fantastic region and engage with some really enthusiastic stakeholders."

While Aurora had been through some major issues in the past two years, it was now on an  ‘‘exciting’’ path which was part of the attraction in taking on the role, she said.

In a statement, Aurora Energy chief executive Richard Fletcher said he was pleased to welcome Mrs Sutton as she would play an important role in ensuring all the lines company’s stakeholders and customers were kept engaged on key projects.

Mrs Sutton will start her new role in February.

Her departure from the regional council comes on the back of the rumoured departure of environmental monitoring and operations director Scott MacLean.

The regional council has declined to confirm or deny his departure.

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