Son took $30,000 from 88-year-old mother's account

A Dunedin sickness beneficiary stripped $30,000 from his 88-year-old mother's bank account to ''fund a relationship'' with a woman, the Dunedin District Court heard yesterday.

Russell James Connor (64) made about 30 unauthorised withdrawals from his mother's bank account between January 8 last year and January 4 this year, prosecutor Sergeant Chris George said. Connor yesterday admitted one charge of using his mother's bank card for financial gain without her authority.

He was convicted and remanded on bail by Judge Kevin Phillips for sentence on March 7. The defendant moved to Dunedin to live with his mother after the break-up of his marriage in late 2012.

Because he was authorised by his mother to routinely withdraw a small amount of cash from her bank account on her behalf each month, Connor had access to her bank card and her PIN, Sgt George told the court.

From January 8, 2013, the defendant began withdrawing increasingly larger amounts with greater frequency without his mother's knowledge.

During the following 12 months, he made about 30 unauthorised withdrawals from the account, removing a total of $30,000 without any authority from his mother.

When police spoke to him, Connor admitted what he had done and told police he had used the money to fund a relationship with a woman.