Thumbs up for the bugs!

Photo by Stephen Jaquiery.
Photo by Stephen Jaquiery.

About 1000 people visited the Otago Museum's new free exhibition, ''Bugs: the Mega World of Minibeasts'', during its opening weekend.

Museum marketing co-ordinator Kate Barron, pictured above with a dragonfly, said visitors found the show ''very engaging, informative, interesting'' and ''enjoyed the interactives and the live exhibits''.

As well as audiovisual displays, a cockroach house, dung beetle display and a huhu terrarium give visitors a chance to see live bugs in action, and the show also includes about 800 preserved specimens from the museum's collection.

The show aims to introduce visitors to the world of bugs, the ''small but mighty, the misunderstood but essential''.

The exhibition runs until May 10.

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