Trust ready to sell ‘stadium products'

Dunedin rugby fans can expect stadium salespeople on their doorsteps from next week if the stadium project gets the go ahead.

The Carisbrook Stadium Trust's latest report contains no information about the likely source of the proposed $45.5 million of private sector funding.

‘‘There are no formal commitments in terms of private sector funding. However, time and again, the feedback . . . has been that there is a high level of interest for products,'' the report says.

It notes that the private sector is waiting for Monday's council decision.

Trust chairman Malcolm Farry yesterday said if the council endorsed the project on Monday, then ‘‘we will have a project; we will have something to sell''.

‘‘It is absolutely critical that there is a firm commitment one way or the other on the 17th of March to enable us to have any chance of success in such matters as private sector fundraising.''

Trust chief executive Darren Burden indicated ‘‘lounge membership'' and corporate suites would be on the market ‘‘as soon as we possibly can''.

‘‘We've got a significant amount of positive feedback on the table. We've got a few formal expressions of interest but most of it is anecdotal stuff - conversations, emails and things like that.''

Mr Burden said although two ‘‘expressions of interest'' had been received, head naming rights had not been sold.

‘‘An offer has been made which did not meet with our requirements.''

The trust was now dealing with a new party, but the report notes: ‘‘The trust has concluded that it does not want to accept a deal which would undervalue the head naming rights''.

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