Big numbers expected for sporting double-header

Thousands of sporting fans are expected to converge on Forsyth Barr Stadium for this weekend's sporting double-header.

By yesterday afternoon, 15,000 tickets had been sold for tonight's Super 15 match between the Highlanders and Blues, with a crowd of about 17,000 expected.

Ticket sales for tomorrow afternoon's Warriors v Broncos pre-season match had reached 4500, with a crowd of 9000 expected, based on the large number of daily ticket sales, Kim Barnes, of Dunedin Venue Management Ltd, said.

Dunedin area response manager Senior Sergeant Darryl Lennane said the city would be busy with sporting as well as Orientation Week events.

''We have planning in place and plenty of staff rostered on to assist organisers of these events and to support people in having a safe and enjoyable weekend.''

He urged sports fans and party-goers to enjoy themselves, ''but to do so within the law and without impacting on the safety of yourself and others''.

''Enjoy yourselves but have respect for others, yourself and your environment.''

Playing safe: Tips for a safe weekend. -
• If you intend drinking alcohol, make a plan before you leave home about how you are going to get home safely. Share a taxi or walk home in a group.
• Big numbers expected for sporting double-headerLook out for your mates. If friends have had too much to drink, look after them.
• Don't let friends wander off by themselves. Stay together.
• Don't drink and drive.

Source: New Zealand Police


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