Van found minus art

A stolen van full of artwork has been found empty by police, its owner says.

The artist and owner of the van, Orion Das, had been counting on the proceeds from sales of the artworks because he had used up his savings taking care of his ailing mother.

''I didn't think anyone would steal the whole lot, but they did.''

At the weekend, when he found out that the van had been stolen - along with about $20,000 worth of paintings and prints, by his estimates - he said he did not care about getting the van back.

''I just want my work back,'' he said at the time.

Now, with the van back but the artwork still missing, Mr Das is disheartened.

''Ugh,'' he sighed.

''[What got stolen] is really my favourite stuff.''

Sergeant Glen Lloyd Jones said the police did not have any promising leads in the case at this stage.

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