Hills upon hills, upon more monstrous hills: the Rocky Mountains

I stepped out of the minivan, and stared up at the sky.

I groaned.

''Why?'' I ask myself, ''why do we have to climb that high!''

We started the walk into the nice shade but I knew it wouldn't stay that way.

We set off walking in long energetic strides. I was walking with Tahlia, Emma and Brooke.

''Oh well, this isn't so bad,'' I said.

But as soon as I said it, I regretted it because I knew it would get much, much harder.

We walked up and over the first obstacle, puffing slightly, then we were faced with easy flat ground, which was a luxury at the time, but I knew it wouldn't last long.

A short amount of time passed and we were faced with hills upon hills, upon more monstrous hills - it didn't look good.

As I walked stride for stride, my breathing became a little more laboured, and I became a little more tired.

A burning sensation grew in my calves, but the thing that kept me going was the view I knew was waiting for me at the top.

I let out a groan and an ''Oh no!'' as we reached the daunting stairs we had heard so much about.

I began to climb. With each step we took, another appeared, and finally when they came to an end, I was so relieved.

Finally I could stop and rest.

I was relieved to finally be able to put my pack down and rest, I was tired but this climb was far from over.

The climb seemed to take ages, my legs resembled jelly, my breathing was heavy and it was all hard work.

My heart was pounding, but the beautiful landscape was always changing, keeping me occupied.

As we passed the halfway mark, a feeling of happiness and achievement came over me, we were only halfway but I knew we could do it!We soldiered on up the massive hill.

Time passed as water bottles drained, the sun was beating down on us and I was hot, but we kept on going.

One step felt like miles as my legs were burning intensely.

Finally I gazed up to the sky and my heart soared as I saw the first group standing up the top of the mountain, waiting for us.

''Just a little more,'' I said to myself.

''Then we are done.''

Ten more metres.

I gathered all my remaining strength and ran.

At last we had made it to the top of the mountain, a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment spread over me, but most of all it was pride, not just for me but for everyone who had conquered this incredible mountain.

I thought the Rocky Mountains were amazing, but I would rather not go back there any time soon.


By Erin Vernon, Year 9, Roxburgh Area School


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