Labour made right call on Ardern: John Key

Labour leader Jacinda Adern.
Labour leader Jacinda Adern.
Labour made the right decision to make Jacinda Ardern leader according to former Prime Minister John Key.

"The camera likes Jacinda. Paul Holmes once said to me 'on TV they see your heart' - she responds well to that so that works really well for her,"  Mr Key told the AM Show this morning.

"She's been on TV a lot, she communicates pretty well and in the end people want to vote for people they like.

However, Mr Key, who received his knighthood at a ceremony in Government House in Auckland today, does not believer the Ardern effect will be enough to get Labour into power.

"I don't think that will be enough to get [Labour] over the line obviously but I think she'll do substantially better than Andrew Little would have."

Ms Ardern became the leader of the Labour Party on August 1 after Little stepped down, seven weeks before the election on September 23.



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