National Party wealth tax election ad found to be misleading

Judith Collins.
National Party leader Judith Collins.
The National Party is once again facing scrutiny for misleading election advertising, after a ruling from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

The industry watchdog found that a National Party ad claiming retirees would pay an extra $140 a week under the Green Party's proposed wealth tax was misleading.

Dunedin-based climate activist Adam Currie, who brought the complaint, said the ad was widely seen over the four days it was on Facebook.

"It's really misleading and really harmful to see these mistruths be peddled over and over again," he said.

"It's really hurting our democracy"

While the ad provided a link to further information on the party website, the figure of $140 extra per week was not substantiated.

It is the third such complaint upheld against the party this year, following earlier decisions on ads about beneficiaries and car emissions.

While the ad was found to be misleading, the complaint was deemed settled because the ad had finished running and was pulled early.

The National Party now has the opportunity to appeal the decision, as they have done with previous complaints.


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and this is the party who vowed that they would run an honest and transparent campaign

Oh dear! It just gets worse and worse for Crusher. Great leadership! Bodes well for the future.

It's not particularly misleading when the word "some" in front of "retirees" would have made it 100% accurate.

It's also ironic to see a climate activist complaining about exaggeration.

It is misleading. period! Deliberately misleading. As you pointed out it only needed a minor change and it would have been truthful. They lied, they lied knowingly in an attempt to mislead voters. Trying to qualify or minimise the level of misleading is an utter nonsense.

Also, I don't see any irony, the National party did not exaggerate, they lied. The climate activist may well have exaggerated but he didn't lie.

So there's no penalty for repeatedly publishing misleading political advertising in an election year?

Yes, you don't get elected.
Crusher paid the ultimate price and was completely and deservedly crushed.

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