Global Insight: NZ well positioned to respond to help halt climate change

In this episode of Global Insight, Professor Robert Patman discusses Greta Thunberg's recent criticism of Jacinda Ardern and New Zealand's apparent lack of efforts to halt climate change.

"I think the difference between Jacinda Ardern and some of the other leaders is that Jacinda Arden has not just discovered climate change after being power. It's something that's been with her since she'd entered politics in this country."

The international affairs commentator says, with abundant hydro and wind power possibilities, this country is actually well situated to become a leading example of a green economy.

"But we do need leadership", he adds.

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"We do have potential, through the many lakes and rivers in this country"
So what are you suggesting Patman, should we resurrect the Waitaki run of river scheme ???
What about the Beaumont dam or the Waitaha River proposal on the West Coast ?
Beaumont would be a plus if the Onslow pumped hydro is give the green light.
The problem with all of these potential sources of energy is that the greenies that stopped them are the same ones that call for action on CC.
They are used to getting what they want by pulling on people's heart strings, claiming to be for the environment which we all love but when you listen deeply to what they are saying, they actually hate people and progress.
It's time 4th Gen nuclear was opened up for discussion !!!
Any on demand electrical grid, periodically fails when wind and solar exceed 30% !!! Anything we build will not be different just because we have hydro as well
Solving real world problems with ideology does not work
The solution must be pragmatic !!!

If NZ disappeared under the ocean tomorrow it would make no difference whatsoever to climate change. There in a nutshell is your answer to NZ's position!!!

You're not a global fellow, are you?

Greta Thunberg lately aptly described the global-warming (non)efforts of faux or neo-environmentalist politicos as just more "blah, blah, blah".

To me, she was also saying that, while bone-dry-vegetation world regions uncontrollably burn, mass addiction to fossil fuel products undoubtedly helps keep the average consumer quiet about the planet’s greatest polluter, lest they feel and/or be publicly deemed hypocritical. Meanwhile, (neo)liberals and conservatives remain overly preoccupied with vocally criticizing one another for their relatively trivial politics and diverting attention away from some of the planet's greatest polluters, where it should and needs to be sharply focused.

Industry and fossil-fuel friendly governments can tell when a very large portion of the populace is too tired and worried about feeding/housing themselves or their family, and the virus-variant devastation still being left in COVID-19’s wake — all while on insufficient income — to criticise them for whatever environmental damage their policies cause/allow, particularly when not immediately observable.


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