Global Insight: Status of UN in doubt as war continues

We do not know whether the United Nations or mercenary armies will keep the peace in the future, Professor Robert Patman says.

That was the foreign affairs specialist’s answer to a question on Global Insight today.

Discussing how the Russian invasion of Ukraine will change the world, the show’s journalist pointed to the use of foreign fighters by both sides and the United Nation’s lack of teeth to deal with the invasion of one nation by another.

‘‘In the future, do you think it will be the United Nations or mercenary armies that keep the peace?’’ the journalist asked.

‘‘That’s a really good question. . . None of us really know the answer,’’ Prof Patman replied.

‘‘The status of the UN is now up for grabs. It was a fork in the road moment for the UN when Russia just brazenly invaded a neighbouring country.’’

- Full video below:


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