Global Insight: Time to look past the US

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The resurgence of Taliban fighters in Afghanistan shows New Zealand cannot depend on the United States in the way it has in the past, an international affairs specialist says.

"The fall of Kabul shows that it now falls to smaller states and middle powers to look past the United States," Professor Robert Patman told Global Insight.

"We have to take more responsibility internationally to try to safe-guard the international rules-based order."



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I wonder if Robert Patman would care to comment on Joe Biden's recent actions?
I ask this because he rightly labelled Donald Trump as an isolationist president, so I'm curious as to how he would label president Biden following his directive to remove all of troops, thereby abandoning the citizens of Afghanistan? This action made worse by Biden recently reassuring his NATO and G7 allies that with his presidency "America is back" .... Hollow words, it would seem!
It appears Trump and Biden are much the same in their reluctance to continue as 'World Police'.....So is Mr Patman ready to call Biden an isolationist?!
This begs another question, can the smaller nations really stand up to the likes of China and Iraq without the might of the USA behind them? I personally do not think so.

That is like asking a Leopard to change his spots.
Patman is as partisan as they get when it comes to US politics.
On the global view, he is always aligned with the Postmodernist (Leftie) view.
No middle of the road view with this guy.
We have no change maintaining a Rules Based Order without the US. They were the ones that created it post WWII.
It replaced the colonial order which the UK dominated previously.
His view is totally in keeping with the Postmodernist pursuit of divide and rule.
Split everyone up into 'tribal' groupings of race, race with race, gender, gender within gender and what other victim grouping they can conjure up, then pit them against each other, while claiming to be the saviour.

Agreed!....Mr Patman appears very reluctant to question Joe Biden's cognitive ability to undertake his presidential duties. I won't hold my breath waiting for a Global Insight asking if Biden is suffering from dementia!
Which is a shame considering how much time he spent attacking every aspect of the Trump presidency.

Recently Andrew Little got up on stage and in a boorish and clumsy example of lapdog megaphone diplomacy accused China of cyber espionage with "The GCSB has worked through a robust technical attribution process [and China did it]..." This is the same "robust" process that led the USA to a disastrous sequence of ridiculously hopeless acts based on lies and hysterical hype that have thrown the planet into chaos and death for no less than seven decades. The USA has time and again proven unfit for the mantle of global police and it's time we stopped embarrassing ourselves by blithely following their directives.

"This is the same "robust" process that led the USA to a disastrous sequence of ridiculously hopeless acts based on lies and hysterical hype"
No, it is not !!!
The process is totally different.
The treat is totally different.
The action required to counter the threat is totally different.
More unsubstantiated, Leftie dribble.

Disagree, there is nothing different here at all, just different examples of the same ham fisted bumbling. Constructing your case on foreign policy with guesswork, rumour, lies, deception, and ignorance is modus operandi for the USA. The words "robust attribution process" were literally put in Andrew Littles mouth by the CIA, it's one of their favourite phrases. What this actually means is there is no evidence, and this "process" has led them to a belief. No fact is established. By the way thinking in dichotomies is an example of concrete thinking.

I agree with Professor Patman,
NZ can no longer rely on the USA as the world's policeman or for that matter as "the leader of the free world". Since the election of twice impeached former president trump the USA has become decidedly inward looking and nationalistic. Despite his words Biden has not shown any indication of reversing trump's direction. This is evidenced by their repudiation of international treaties, the demands for full cost recovery of stationing USA forces in allied nations, the abandonment of allies in areas of conflict, the decision to end involvement in forever wars. This is fair enough, but it does represent a fundamental change in USA foreign policy since WWII.
We have had to deal with USA disdain and disapproval before. They showed their true colours to us when we went nuclear free. So going it alone, from a security point of view is not new to us. We've come through this before we can do it again.
In my opinion, where this piece is lacking is in explaining to readers/viewers just what the "international rules based order" is. But it seems clear that demonstrating our commitment to this on the world stage is probably the key to our future security.

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