'Move to New Zealand' Google search skyrockets in US

As controversial Republican Donald Trump edges closer to victory in the US Presidential Election, ``Move to New Zealand'' has begun to trend on Google.

In the past week, the number of US-based internet users searching the phrase has jumped exponentially.

According to Twitter trend tracker Trendsmap NZ, ``terrifying'' is now trending in New Zealand.

And according to developer James Macfie, related Google Trends queries for ``Move to New Zealand'' include ``Places to move if Trump wins,'' and ``New Zealand real estate.''

Earlier British newspaper The Telegraph tweeted ``Oh, America. People in the US increasingly search for `end of the world' over the last few hours.''

Oh, America. People in the US increasingly search for end of the world over the last few hours #ElectionNight https://t.co/CJCBsKKKNE pic.twitter.com/vvnNVaoDvf The Telegraph (@Telegraph) November 9, 2016

Meanwhile, some social media users are considering moving Down Under.

Creator of Netflix series Jessica Jones, Brian Michael Bendis, tweeted: ``I loved New Zealand. How are things down there?''

While this Imgur user shared his plans for the evening:

My girlfriends and my plan for this evening.

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