Athletes dispute championship

Athletes dispute championship
A protest was lodged by the Pacific Harrier Club against the awarding of the Otago Championship Banner to the University Club, on account of the points gained by a visiting athlete affecting the result, which they declared was contrary to the rules. After discussion it was decided that the banner should be awarded to University Club on the points 31 to 29 — that is, eliminating Sutherland and Melrose, and not counting the fourth place in the half-mile and the mile, as they were not officially taken.

Rabbit control prosecutions
When does prosecution become persecution? That is (our correspondent writes) a question now engaging the minds of some of the farmers recently prosecuted at Roxburgh under the Rabbit Nuisance Act, it being realised that to make the average farm pay, sheep and rabbits cannot be farmed together. Every possible means of exterminating the latter and increasing the productivity of the farm have been resorted to, and the farmer and small runholder feels that he is doing this well and successfully. But evidently not so. A sympathetic constable calls on him with a summons for failure to destroy rabbits to the satisfaction of the inspector, and the farmer awakes to the fact that he has been labouring under a delusion. It will be generally admitted that there are many who are willfully negligent of their duties in regard to the rabbit pest, while on the other hand there are farmers who, being keen businessmen, endeavour as far as is practicable to increase the carrying capacity of their holdings by systematically keeping down the rabbits.

Rabbit board to be formed
As a result of the prosecutions under the Rabbit Act a meeting of farmers and run holders of Roxburgh East was held last Saturday evening to consider the advisability of forming a Rabbit Board. There were present 10 gentlemen, and Mr R.T. Kinaston was voted to the chair. The settlers affected feel that they have been doing all that is humanly possible in order to keep the rabbit menace in check, and are not a little perturbed at the action of the inspector. To protect themselves, and as evidence of their absolute sincerity and desire to assist the department, this meeting was called. After discussion it was decided to take the necessary steps to form a Rabbit Board. Mr W.A. Bodkin was appointed solicitor, with instructions to prepare petitions for circulation and ultimately presenting to the Minister. The district to be brought under the board’s control is Roxburgh East, embracing 40,000 acres. A provisional committee was appointed, consisting of Messrs Kinaston (chairman), J. George, J.H. Haughton, R.G. Woodhouse and J. Whelan (secretary).

Forged tote ticket presented
In the rush to deal with the impatient crowd at the payout window at the Palmerston North Races on Wednesday one of the tellers accepted a ticket which later, on closer examination, proved to be a neat forgery. Another bundle of the consignment of National Bank notes which was stolen in transit some months ago was also in evidence, having been passed through the totalisator.

— ODT, 20.4.1921.

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