Reverend divines water

The winner of the 1912 New Zealand Galloping Cup at Riccarton, Mr E. J. Watt's Midnight Sun. -...
The winner of the 1912 New Zealand Galloping Cup at Riccarton, Mr E. J. Watt's Midnight Sun. - Otago Witness, 13.11.1912.
A press Association message from Christchurch states that the Rev H. Mason, the water diviner, who last week, at the instance of the Fields and Experimental Division of the Department of Agriculture, went to the Division's experimental area at Morven Hills, Central Otago, for the purpose of locating water, has returned after successfully locating water at nine points on 200 acres of the area.

His success is of great importance, as on other portions of the arid area in Central Otago water may be similarly located, thus obviating the extensive irrigation schemes. Mr Mason left last night for Wellington, and intends leaving the dominion this week.

• It is said that what is termed as a "gold divining company" has been floated in the Alexandra district, with a capital of some £5000. The statement is made that a well-known South Otago gentleman claims to be able to locate gold in the same manner as a water diviner discovers water. The question naturally occurs why the "gold diviner" does not keep his secret to himself, when all the gold of Goloonda would be as nothing compared to the wealth lying to his hands. This query is explained away, however, by the reply that the "gold diviner" has not sufficient capital at his disposal to exploit his discovery.

Whether the present value of gold stands a risk of being greatly depreciated remains, of course, to be seen; but if what we are informed be correct, some of the shareholders in the company evidently appear to consider it an imminent possibility, seeing that their faith in the venture is such that the shares are today quoted at a premium.

• We desire to congratulate our vigorous contemporary, the Southland Times, upon the completion yesterday of 50 years of its existence. The jubilee issue is one that is entirely worthy of the important event which it celebrates. It supplies a valuable record of the history of Southland, furnished not merely in a carefully-prepared review, but also in interesting interviews with representative settlers of long standing, and an attractive feature of the issue consists in the reproduction of a varied selection of comments, reports, and advertisements that have been gleaned from the files of the paper. Congratulatory messages are published from prominent politicians, members of the judiciary, leading pressmen, ministers of religion, mayors and chairmen of public bodies, and from the editors of a large number of New Zealand journals.

With these felicitations the readers of the Southland Times will associate themselves the more readily because the honourable traditions of the paper in the past are being faithfully maintained at the present time.

• The handsome, commodious, and extensive buildings in Moray Place, recently completed for the Young Men's Christian Association of Dunedin, were opened last night by his Excellency the Governor in the presence of an attendance that crowded the spacious gymnasium hall in the buildings. His Excellency the Governor was received at the entrance by Mr G. M. Thomson, M.P., representing the board of directors.

The chair was occupied by Mr G. M. Thomson, and seats on the platform were also occupied by the Mayor of Dunedin (Mr John Wilson), Hon J. T. Paul, M.L.C., Messrs G. Fenwick, A. S. Adams, J. B. Mason, N. Paterson, Rev Canon Curzon-Siggers, Rev W. Saunders, and others.- ODT, 13.11.1912.





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