Building for sale

The Alexandra Plunket building is to be sold.

The Central Otago District Council has ratified a decision of the Vincent Community board made in December to release the society from its lease and sell the building.

The 60-year old Skird St building is council-owned and the 10-year lease to Plunket is due to expire in 2018.

The society wanted out of the lease so it could move into the recently opened Alexandra Community House.

The building had continuing problems with a leaky roof and the board had decided not to do capital improvements as that would trigger the council's earthquake prone building policy.

It had already been identified as potentially earthquake prone and if any improvements were to go ahead, it would need a detailed engineer's assessment and possibly upgrades depending on the results of that assessment. When sold, the society would receive a share of the proceeds based on an initial 21% contribution to the building costs.

The land is zoned business in the Central Otago District Plan. The rateable value is $185,000, of which $51,900 is the value of the building.

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