Riley crowned cutest baby

Baby Times winner Riley Brown, with parents Ashleigh and Peter (''Brownie'') Brown at their...
Baby Times winner Riley Brown, with parents Ashleigh and Peter (''Brownie'') Brown at their Alexandra home. Photo by Lynda van Kempen.

Six-month-old Riley Brown, of Alexandra, is officially Otago's cutest baby.

Riley, the son of Ashleigh and Peter (''Brownie'') Brown, received the most votes in the Baby Times tabloid published by the Otago Daily Times on July 30.

The prize was a Bernard Cassiere facial and a $50 New World voucher.

The Brown family featured in the ODT earlier this year after Riley was diagnosed with Zellweger syndrome, a rare genetic condition that affects only one in every 50,000 or 100,000 babies.

There is no treatment or cure and babies with the condition rarely survive the first year.

Riley looks healthy, was gaining weight and ''is doing better than he was ever expected to do'', Mrs Brown said, but he continued to have frequent seizures.

The couple focused on ''trying to live as normal a life as we can and making as many memories as possible''.

They were grateful for the support they had received from family, friends and staff from the various agencies who had contact with Riley, they said.

Second was Ryan Sindin (hot stone massage and $50 New World voucher) and third Archie Goldsmith (pedicure with gel polish and $50 New World voucher).

Other winners were Victoria Haydon (De Lorenzo hair pamper pack); and Emma Marshall, Rachelle Parkins, Audrey Ross, Tannia Lee and Victoria Robinson (sleep drops).

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