Caravan park expects pre-Xmas opening

A new motor caravan park is to be opened at Warrington before Christmas.

The New Zealand Motor Caravan Association (NZMCA) has been wanting to create a caravan facility in the area for some time.

Resource consent was approved in October 2021 and archaeological authority in August last year.

Otago chairman Ken Foote said during the past 12 months a 6m-wide driveway had been constructed and sealed, native shrubs and trees had been planted and minor levelling work had been done to protect the land and improve the ease of parking.

"A registration kiosk has been constructed and installed, and recycling and rubbish bins provided for members’ use.

"A 10,000-litre wastewater holding tank has been installed.

"It will be emptied on demand by a Dunedin contractor with a vacuum tank truck and the waste taken to the Green Island waste treatment plant."

Mr Foote said the move had been a long time in the making, "but it’s all been happening in the last six months".

He expected the gates to be opened a week before Christmas.

The site had been promoted as an area for housing development, but when those consents fell through, the association made its move to acquire some of the land.

The association bought 2ha of the 3ha subdivision.

King’s High School has access to the third hectare, as the previous landowner was King’s Old Boys.

"The NZMCA is very aware of the public access to this site over many years, generously provided by the previous owner.

"Local people used this property to access the bay and the sand spit.

"Dogs have been exercised by many, horses and motorbikes have also used the site."

But he said the change in ownership and subsequent change of land use meant some of these previous activities would no longer be possible.

"A gate with a coded lock has been installed 15m inside the Bay Rd entrance.

"King’s High School will also have a series of locks on the gate to provide them with access as required.

"However, the NZMCA has installed a personal access gate in the railing fence near the locked gates for pedestrian access."

Mr Foote said the association was happy to provide walking access to local residents for access to the bay, but it would come with some conditions.

Dogs brought on to the site would have to be on a short leash and under control at all times.

This would also apply to association members and dogs using the site.

Local residents would only be allowed to access the site between 8am and 8pm.

Association members would also be discouraged from arriving/departing the site outside of those hours.

Horses, motorbikes and mountainbikes would be strictly prohibited.

As part of the consent to operate, the association planned to plant up to 1000 native trees and shrubs to provide a wind break and a visual barrier to houses nearby, and 700 had been planted.

Mr Foote said association members were looking forward to enjoying the beauty and peace of the Warrington site.

It complemented the site recently opened in Hampden, he said.

"It’s a lovely wee spot, with the beach on one side and the estuary on the other."