Public toilets damaged again

Bruce Dow.
Bruce Dow.
Extra security measures are under consideration for Oamaru public toilets after police said they were seeking the ''brainless'' culprits behind two incidents at the toilets over the weekend.

Community constable Bruce Dow said police would like information on the location or identity of the people who damaged the Eden St disabled toilets on Thursday night or Friday morning.

He said the inside of the toilet, a toilet roll dispenser, a soap dispenser, a hand-drier and a toilet cistern were all damaged.

''Ratepayers of this town have to fork out for this wanton, senseless and needless damage, carried out by a brainless oxygen thief or thieves who need to be held to account for their actions and made to pay back to this community the cost of their actions.''

Waitaki District Council recreation manager Eric Van der Spek said the Eden St toilets had been damaged about five or six times this year, and the council would consider options to improve security.

The latest damage was expected to cost a ''reasonable'' amount of money to fix, he said.

''Certainly we are quite concerned about it. It's probably getting towards the thousands rather than the hundreds [of dollars].''

Mr Van der Spek said the Eden St toilets were open all night and although they ''could'' be closed overnight, the council liked to have at least one facility open 24 hours a day.

Security cameras were one option being considered.

''The damage is very frustrating. Obviously it is costing us a bit, but obviously we want toilets to be available for people as well, rather than closing them at 7pm.''

In a second incident, Senior Constable Dow said police had received a complaint about 1pm on Saturday that a man had been seen allegedly performing an indecent act in the Itchen St toilets.

''We are keen to locate this fella and he is described as being in his 30s with brown hair, wearing jeans and a leather jacket. A few may see this act as a light-hearted matter but this person has issues that need resolving.''

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