Man charged with theft of wine

Tuesday, February 12
A 25-year-old New Zealand man was arrested and charged with the theft of a bladder of wine.

Police alleged the man had hidden the wine in his pants but was stopped by Fresh Choice supermarket staff.

Wednesday, February 13
A cyclist and a car collided at the Ballarat and Stanley Sts roundabout at 8.30am.

Sergeant Steve Watt said the female driver was coming down Stanley St and the female cyclist coming down from Ballarat St.

''The vehicle has caught the rear tyre of the cyclist,'' he said. The cyclist received injuries to her right elbow and leg.

''This cyclist was extremely lucky it was a low-speed crash.''

He reminded both cyclist and motorists to share the road and to ''remain vigilant''.

Thursday, February 14
At 2.20am an 18-year-old Queenstown man was arrested after urinating on a sign at a central business. He received a pre-charge warning.

At 2.35am a 20-year-old New Zealand man was refused entry to a bar due to intoxication. He became aggressive and asked bar staff for a fight, Sgt Watt said. The man was arrested and released with a pre-charge warning.

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