Millbrook corner loos in pipeline

A greenfields site, known as Millbrook  corner, for which a pavilion and public toilet have been...
A greenfields site, known as Millbrook corner, for which a pavilion and public toilet have been approved in principle by the Queenstown Lakes District Council's community services committee. Photo by Tracey Roxburgh.
A proposed new building, to include much-needed public toilets at Millbrook corner, took another step forward yesterday, after the building and associated amenities were approved in principle by the Queenstown Lakes District Council Community Services committee.

The council entered into a stakeholders deed with the Millbrook Country Club in 2007 and included agreement Millbrook would offer land on the corner of Malaghans Rd and Arrowtown-Lake Hayes Rd for a community sports field.

Since then, the field had primarily been used by cricketers.

Parks manager Gordon Bailey said in his report to the committee it had initially been envisaged to build a ''simple toilet building'' identical to that built at the Gibbston reserve, to provide public toilets and a small storage space area.

''However, Millbrook felt that a design such as that would not fit the Millbrook character and would look too small and out of place on the reserve.''

Mr Bailey said following discussions with Millbrook and the Millbrook Cricket Club it was decided a slightly larger building, incorporating toilets and changing rooms and some storage space, was required to cater for the needs of the cricket club.

''It would also provide some future-proofing in the way of growth for the cricket and possibly other sports that might use the ground in the future.''

Millbrook Cricket Club patron Don Spary said yesterday across the Wakatipu Basin, cricket had ''come alive'' and the Millbrook corner ground was a ''community asset''.

''It's multi-use and in the future there will be more and more and more need for that space,'' Mr Spary said.

''The nearest public loo is Butler's Green - unless they come and knock on my door.

''[By approving the building] you are raising the standards to acceptable levels for the future.''

The report said the budget for the project was $103,900. However, it was unlikely that money would cover the entire cost of the project.

''The cricket club has advised that it would be willing to assist with funding or undertake some of the works which would reduce the direct cost to [the] council.

''Until such time as the consent is granted and contract prices are obtained, determining exactly what can be undertaken by the club is unknown.''

However, committee chairwoman Cath Gilmour was concerned by giving the green light to the facilities, it might lead to exclusion of other sports or community groups who had a need for use of the building, but had not made their needs known to the council.

She suggested waiting until the council's Arrowtown reserves management plan was completed before confirming plans for the site.

''This is a small part of a much bigger picture ... this is cherry-picking off one small solution that should actually be seen as part of the bigger picture ... would it make sense to wait a little longer?''I have concerns.

''I like the idea ... but we might find through the management plan there's a beginner kite flying club ... who needs a bit more storage space.

''If we go ahead now, without having done the basic due diligence, we risk having a lesser facility [than is required].

''We just need to give it a few more months and do some research.''

After some debate, the committee agreed on an amended recommendation - which included the approval in principle of the pavilion-toilet concept plan, to install the necessary services to the proposed toilet and to consult the Arrowtown Village Association, Arrowtown Sports User Group, Arrowtown Promotion and Business Association and others to determine whether there were other partners in the project before the item next came to the committee, in six weeks' time.

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