Love above the slopes

In what could be an event unique to Coronet Peak, the skifield's lift operators and very own Cupid will be pairing potential couples on the chairs of the Coronet Express this Friday.

Last year, between 30 and 40 people were matched by lift operators in the hope of sparking a romance in the skies above the slopes.

This year's organiser, Megan Burke, of Liverpool, in the United Kingdom, said there were high hopes for the sequel of what has been named the "Cupid Express".

"We are trying to make it a bigger event in general.

"Hopefully, this year, with Gay Ski Week, there will be plenty of people involved."

Pink and blue lines were used last year, but in honour of Gay Ski Week, two rainbow queues for gay men and women would be added this year, Ms Burke said.

Before being paired off, participants would meet in Coronet's restaurant for a glass of champagne to calm any nerves, then sent off with a chocolate and an ice-breaker card.

The event would be held during night skiing. It had been well-advertised and Ms Burke said she did not expect any issues.

"It shouldn't be too busy with general public, but it will just be two people on the chair rather than four," she said.

"If they think they are a match they ski together and can go back to the lift, if they aren't they separate; and if they want to be rematched they go back to the queue."

She expected some romantic connections to be made.

People had the snow in common and many would be snow enthusiasts.

They could "meet people with common interests", she said.

Ms Burke had looked for similar events while she was preparing for the night.

However, she had found no evidence of speed-dating on a chairlift anywhere else in the world.

She had been looking for ideas from other places, but it appeared no others ran events such as this.

Registration for the Cupid Express would be free.

It would be held from 5pm-5.30pm on Friday and usual Coronet Peak night skiing rates would apply.



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