Tokomairiro High School prizes

Dux: Georgina Irvine
Dux: Georgina Irvine


Year 13
Eliza Barrett (first gateway/Star), Ella Brock (diligence physical education), Kayla Dobson (first geography, diligence gateway/Star), Alice Dowle (first English, diligence art), Georgina Irvine (first biology, chemistry, physical education, diligence biology, chemistry, English, excellence mathematics/sciences), Sam MacDonald (first digital technology, hard materials technology, diligence digital technology), Joshua O'Sullivan (first art, mathematics with statistics, diligence mathematics with statistics), Grace Whitaker (diligence geography).

Year 12
Connie Anderson (diligence horticulture), Brittany Barkman (first humanities), Dubhghlas Ferguson (diligence computing), Morgan Hale (diligence English), Poppy Hasler (first food technology, diligence food technology), Jessica Hutton (first horticulture, applied mathematics, diligence applied mathematics), Jason Lawrence (first English), James Marshall (diligence English, visual media), Connor Marshall (first visual media, computing), Ashley Oliver (diligence gateway/Star), Nicole Patrick (first gateway/Star), Zach Pepper (first applied science, diligence applied science), Caleb Philps (diligence geography), Brooke Rutherford (diligence physical education), Maria Scott (first biology, geography, mathematics, physical education, diligence mathematics, biology), Aaron Stevenson (first hard materials technology), Kain Walker (first chemistry, physics, diligence chemistry, physics).

Year 11
Bronson Blackbourn (diligence horticulture), Sam Brown (first mathematics, diligence mathematics, practical science, hard materials technology), Jade Cockburn (diligence art), Rhys Davie (first mathematics, science, English, humanities, diligence mathematics, English), Madison Hoera (first practical science), Rebecca Hutton (first hard materials technology, horticulture, diligence food technology), Anna Jordan (first digital technology, English, distance learning economics, diligence English), Jorjah Mason-Waru (diligence physical education), Sophie McDonald (diligence gateway/Star), Lisa McSkimming (first gateway/Star), James Scanlan (first physical education, diligence digital technology), Laura Scanlan (first geography, horticulture, food technology, diligence science, English), Jessica Thin (most improved art, diligence English), Ryan Weatherall (first art, diligence English), Reuben Wilson (diligence geography).

Year 10
Kaleb Cain (diligence science), Jadin Coulter Butler (diligence physical education, health), Levin Coulter-Butler (first physical education, health), Phoebe Cox-Herring (first English, social studies, diligence English, art, food technology), Joshua Cross (first mathematics, social studies), Kaleb Fegan (first mathematics, science, diligence mathematics), Jade Findlay (first food technology, diligence physical education, health), Tayla Frost (first physical education, health), Millicent Geary (diligence drama), Alicia Gillies (diligence science, Maori), Matthew Herbert (diligence digital technology), Braedon Johnston (diligence technology), Cairo Lambert (first music), Grace Michelle (first drama), Joshua Phillips (first technology, science, diligence mathematics), Clara Scoon (first English, diligence English, social studies), Richard Scott (first digital technology), Scott Stevenson (first digital technology).

Year 9
Amyn Amende (first horticulture), Jasmine Boulton (first social studies), Meg Clark (diligence food technology), Callum Davie (first mathematics, diligence science, mathematics), Zayde Francis (diligence English), Jordan Hunt (first English, diligence technology, science), Ben Hutton (diligence graphics), Kaysha Jeffery (first food technology, French, diligence French), Joseph Mills (first English, science, diligence physical education, health), Emma Paul (first food technology, physical education, health), Thomas Paul (first mathematics, physical education, health, technology, diligence English, mathematics), Annabelle Philps (first art), Cory Price (diligence music), Regan Roxburgh (first mathematics, science, diligence English, horticulture, mathematics), Tarryn Roxburgh (first graphics, diligence social studies, horticulture), Ethan Walker (diligence food technology), Heather West (first English, Maori, diligence social studies, physical education, health), Olivia Woodley (first social studies).



Sam Brown (senior boys cross-country, most improved senior hockey player), Meg Clark (most valuable junior touch player), Anna Clarke (minor girls cross-country), Levin Coulter-Butler (intermediate boys athletics, best all-round junior hockey player), Kayla Dobson (volleyball), Abbey Frost (senior girls cross-country), Tayla Frost (intermediate girls athletics, most valuable junior touch player), Nikki Hall (senior netball merit, most valuable girl touch player), Jared Hayes (junior boys athletics, intermediate boys cross-country), Kaleb Hayes (senior boys athletics), Madison Hoera (contribution netball), Dylan Lee (intermediate boys athletics), Ben Lister (most improved junior hockey player), Sam MacDonald (greatest contribution rugby, most valuable boy touch player), Jorjah Mason-Waru (most consistent netball player SISS tournament), Myra Matthews (minor girls athletics, junior girls cross-country), Jake McClean (junior boys cross-country), Emma Paul (junior girls athletics, intermediate girls cross-country, junior netball merit), Conner Phillips (minor boys athletics, minor boys cross-country), Calum Scoon (most valuable senior hockey player), Maria Scott (senior girls athletics), Scott Stevenson (golf merit).


Bronson Blackbourn (senior drama), Jacob Boulton (senior oral competition), Jasmine Boulton (junior drama), Caitlin Kerr (literary award), Cairo Lambert (junior music trophy), Jason Lawrence (most promising musician, senior music trophy), Reuben Wilson (senior oral competition).



Awards for diligence & progress not otherwise recognised: Nicole Keen (year 9), Shayna Lloyd (year 10) Shannon Hollebon (senior school) Jack Taylor (senior school).

Eliza Barrett (principal's leadership award, tertiary study award), Kane Bassett (proxime accessit principal's leadership award, leaders of tomorrow scholarship), Bronson Blackbourn (award outstanding contribution & involvement in school & wider community), Kaleb Cain (junior boys citizenship), Phoebe Cox-Herring (best all-round pupil junior school), Alicia Gillies (junior girls citizenship), Georgina Irvine (dux, academic diligence, scholarship award, senior girls citizenship), Sam MacDonald (best all-round sportsman, tertiary scholarship), Jorjah Mason-Waru (best all-round sportswoman), Joshua O'Sullivan (senior boys citizenship), Matthew Roxburgh (pupil who best fulfills the school motto, leaders of tomorrow scholarship), James Scanlan (pupil who makes the most of opportunities).

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