Man (62) arrested after three complaints made to police

A 62-year-old Balclutha man was arrested yesterday, following three separate complaints in Owaka on Sunday afternoon.

Three people phoned 111 in the Catlins town within about half an hour after the man allegedly started yelling and waving an axe around, then breached a protection order and began shouting threats in town about 2pm.

Police believe the man was intoxicated, Senior Constable Tom Taylor, of Balclutha, said.

The first 111 call came after the man allegedly waved an axe around at an Owaka property, yelling at somebody next door. He left the axe at that address.

The second call came when he allegedly went on to the main street of Owaka and started shouting at a person across the road who had a protection order against him.

When another Owaka resident told him to keep the noise down, he then threatened them, leading to the third 111 call, police said.

The three charges - possession of an offensive weapon, breaching a protection order and threatening language - stemmed from interactions with three different people.

Snr Const Taylor said police arrested the man in Balclutha at 9.30am yesterday.