Recovered church items welcomed

Vivienne Galletly
Vivienne Galletly
Treasured items have been recovered after the burglary of a Milton church six months ago.

Police recovered a brass cross and two brass candlesticks from the Tokomairiro High School grounds on Monday morning.

Constable Will Pentelow, of Milton, said the items were left on school grounds off Park Rd and were identified by the vicar of St John's Anglican Church as being the items stolen from the church in May.

The Rev Vivienne Galletly, the vicar of St John's Anglican Church in Milton, said she and the parishioners were "delighted" with the recovery of the cross and candlesticks.

"It's a positive answer to prayer and good police work. We were all praying that they would be returned and for the person who took it to reform themselves."

Between Sunday, May 13, and Friday, May 18, someone broke into St John's Anglican Church in Milton, smashing a leadlight window in the process, taking a brass cross and two brass candlesticks.

At the time of the burglary, Miss Galletly said she and the congregation were sad and disappointed that someone would break into the church, causing damage and taking the cross and candlesticks.

She said the brass cross and the candlesticks were given to the church in memory of people who had died.

The cross and candlesticks were in good condition and only needed a "good polish" to restore them, she said.

"It's just wonderful to have those items with the sentimental value and history returned."



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