Easy fantasy read that still intrigues

Rachel Greenlaw
Harper Collins


Exciting and easy to read, this fantasy novel follows the traditional female heroine, Mira, through her journey of loss, love and self-discovery. There is excellent attention to detail throughout, drawing readers into an original world. On the other hand, some of the romance feels undeveloped, rushed — which relegates the novel to an easy read while also confusing its target audience. The target audience is hard to place as at times the novel includes violence and romance while maintaining a childish and somewhat corny writing style. It distracts from the story and its message as a whole.

The novel looks at the cost of freedom. Many things in the novel tie Mira back and she goes to great measures to secure her freedom, showcasing the sacrifices humans make to carve their own path and retain their free will.

The book as a whole is intriguing and enjoyable. So, if you are old enough to read some romance and look past some cheesy writing, then you can enjoy this fast-paced, detailed fantasy novel.

Reviewed by Mikayla Botting