Pioneer ‘Pies’ turn game

MLT Pioneer Red goal keep Gabby Winkel defends the goal as Wyndham goal shoot Lisa Yorke takes a...
MLT Pioneer Red goal keep Gabby Winkel defends the goal as Wyndham goal shoot Lisa Yorke takes a shot in a Netball Eastern Southland MLT premier game on Saturday. PHOTO: ANNE REID
The MLT Pioneer Red netball team clawed back a 10-goal deficit to pip Wyndham at the post on Saturday.

The "Pies" won the Netball Eastern Southland MLT premier grade game 24 to 23.

Wyndham made a strong start to the game and were up 10-2 at the end of the first quarter.

A minute after play restarted Wyndham were ahead 13-3.

Towards the end of the quarter a run of four Pioneer goals helped reduce the deficit and going into the break Wyndham were up 17-11.

Pioneer, coached by Gary Breen and Deanna Ormsby, won the next two low-scoring quarters 6-3 and 7-3 to take the win.

Breen said his team were slow to start the game.

"To be fair, Wyndham were pretty darn good."

Wyndham were defending and shooting well.

"They looked pretty complete."

The team reset at the end of the first quarter.

"These Pioneer girls, they’re gritty and they’re determined and they don’t give up.

"We knew we had to take it quarter by quarter and we wouldn’t turn that deficit around immediately.

"We just had to work to do it for the rest of the game and that’s what they did."

Once the team started to win more ball the fortunes of the game changed.

Goal circle defenders Rubious Edwards and Gabby Winkel picked up vital intercepts.

Goal shoot Tineachsa Gutschlag made herself available for passes in the circle and shot well.

"She was a real standout for us."

He was thrilled the team had made the top four of the competition after finishing runner-up in first grade last year.

The players had worked hard and to achieve the top four was "awesome".

"We’ve got nothing to lose now.

"We’ve come from nowhere, we’ve made the top four and we deserve to be there.

"Up the Pies."

Wyndham coach Georgia Yeoman said her team had the momentum for most of the first half.

"We were on fire."

At some point the momentum changed in Pioneer’s favour, she said.

"They slowly chipped away at us.

"Right until five minutes to go in the game and then all of a sudden it was neck-and-neck and it was one goal."

Goal defence Rhylee McGregor played well marking goal shoot Gutschlag, who had a height advantage, Yeoman said.

Goal shoot Lisa Yorke also had a very good game.

"She shot like a champion.

"She was slotting the long bombs."

It was a very good game.

"It felt like a final."