Administrator retiring after 20-year stint

Bowls Dunedin manager Darryl Young celebrates his retirement after 20 years at a special function...
Bowls Dunedin manager Darryl Young celebrates his retirement after 20 years at a special function yesterday. PHOTO: PETER MCINTOSH
Dodgy knees prevented Darryl Young from playing bowls regularly.

But that does not mean he has not left his mark on the sport as he officially retires as Bowls Dunedin centre manager after 20 years today.

Young, who was also the manager of the old Dunedin Stadium — now the ice stadium — for nearly nine years, said it would be tough to say goodbye, but the time had come for him to move on to other things.

"It’s going to be hard to let go because you’re so used to being the manager in the sport for so long," Young said.

"I’ve made a lot of friends... over the years in bowls.

"Through good times, and bad, they’re always associated, and got things done, and kept the game in good stead."

There had been many highlights through the past 20 years including helping scoreboard analysts when Dunedin hosted national championships and celebrating the Bowls Dunedin centenary in 2007.

But, like all careers, the role came with its "speed bumps".

"There’s nothing better than being part of a sporting enterprise, but it always has its challenges.

"Getting grant money, and staying afloat... I pride myself on being able to keep Bowls Dunedin solvent the last 20 years."

Young, who had a background playing hockey, cricket, football and rugby, became associated with bowls at the old Dunedin Stadium, before the Dunedin Lawn Bowls Stadium was built.

"Apart from a few roll-ups, I always kept separate business from pleasure.

"I haven’t got the knees, or the back, to play bowls in my latter years, unfortunately."

But he would still keep a close eye on the sport, and be available if anyone needed him, and wished new manager Nigel Thompson the best.

Young, who plans to enjoy life and do some volunteer work in his retirement, is looking forward to the national champion of champions tournament in Dunedin this weekend.