The right stuff: Choosing the perfect celebrant

One of the most significant people at your wedding is the person standing together with you in front of your guests. 

In a celebrant, you must find someone that suits your style, someone you connect with and trust to have the huge responsibility of narrating your special day. 

Pick someone that is going to fit with your personalities. The ceremony can be one of the most emotional parts of your wedding so you need someone you feel comfortable to laugh and cry with.
They will get to know the intimate parts of your relationship story and sometimes the harder things you want to acknowledge in your ceremony. You should feel natural and comfortable to discuss things openly and honestly, and your relationship should not be awkward or forced. 

A good celebrant will book out quickly - sometimes up to a year or more in advance. An option is to be willing to be flexible on your time or date. The most popular wedding time is between 2-4pm on a Saturday. Morning or twilight weddings are a fabulous idea and will allow you to get the celebrant you want to work around other weddings. Friday or Sunday weddings are also a great option.
Once you find your celebrant, make sure that you have something in writing with them. This not only ensures you are getting what you are expecting, in relation to date, time, location and fees, but should also outline some terms and conditions for all involved. 

You should sign a contract with them, that way everyone is clear about what is expected of each other. And a tip: ask them what they are going to wear!