Coro replacement serves up good ratings

Despite an outcry from fans of Coronation Street when the TV soap was axed on Saturday nights, its replacement has proved a hit.

Stand-up silent treatment

A certain anxiety washed over me when it suddenly dawned on me there may be some complications involved in interviewing comedian Sam Wills.

'Thrones' best bits thrown

Gwendelbum is the illegitimate daughter of Lord Oedipus and Lady Probably-His-Sister (or similar) in the latest sex, violence and incest-fuelled X-rated fantasy romp set to stun faint-hearted Dunedin television viewers.

Party over for 'Jersey Shore'

Party over for 'Jersey Shore'

The era of 'GTL' is ending on MTV with the upcoming season of popular reality TV show "Jersey Shore" and its catch phrase "gym, tan, laundry," the cable TV network says.

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