Quite a stroke of luck

I like to think of myself as one of those well-fed, rubicund burghers one sees in old Dutch pictures: my stout, ruddy-cheeked, cheerful wife laughing uproariously by my side as I drink heartily from a carafe of wine, while a tiny crumb from a freshly baked loaf falls from my fat, wet, full pink lips, and gets lost in the moist, seldom-washed crevice that has developed between two of my chins and my upper chest area.

Fashions out of this world

Consider for a moment, if you will, the fashion sense of the modern astronaut.

New host hired for 'The Nation'

TV3 has hired senior journalist Lisa Owen to host The Nation.

Smalley blasts 'Ken and Barbie' TV

Smalley blasts 'Ken and Barbie' TV

Broadcaster Rachel Smalley has spoken for the first time on why she turned her back on her high-profile TV3 role.

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