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Dunedin folk indie band Soaked Oats. Photo; Supplied
Dunedin folk indie band Soaked Oats. Photo; Supplied
Fraser Thompson recently sat down with Dunedin folk indie band Soaked Oats to talk about breakfast and its upcoming tour. 

Q Your press release describes you as a "southern stew of Kurt Vile, Mac DeMarco with a good shake of Kevin Morby". If you as a band were a real stew, what would be in it?

Oscar: It would have to be oats, I guess.

Q Oats in a stew?

Oscar: Yeah it thickens it up.

Henry: Stringy meat. Like quite a reasonably poor cut of meat, like a brisket. A good ale in there with it.

Oscar: An oat stout?

Henry: An oat stout.

Conor: Definitely some cask wine maybe?

Henry: Bit of red wine is good.

Conor: Onions is like the rhythm section, eh.

Henry: Onions and a couple of cans of tomatoes maybe.

Q So your music is kind of nourishing, but a bit kind of ... cheap?

Conor: Definitely cheap.

Oscar: And definitely not nourishing. After you've had it you'll feel like you've had a bit much.

Q What's your ideal breakfast?

Henry: Well, it's not oats, we're not an oat band ... No Slip Ups, the last EP we released late 2017, we spent time on the West Coast recording it, so every morning we all had the same breakfast: four Weetbix, half a tin of peaches, half a banana, some honey drizzled on top, some yoghurt and milk. And that gets you through to like one or two o' clock. So warming, so filling.

Q So you're not into soaked oats as a food?

Oscar: I am actually, I had porridge this morning.

Q And how do you cook your porridge?

Oscar: Lots of milk ... Soak the oats before you do it.

Q Microwave?

Oscar: On the stove. Cook it for a wee while, put some dates in there, put some banana in there, and deliver with a bit of brown sugar and cream.

Henry: If I have oats I don't cook it into porridge, I've always just preferred that to porridge. Yeah it's amazing, if you've got some chia seeds and put it in there, it just goes wild.

Oscar: And sometimes just Marmite on toast. Always with a cup of tea.

Q Not coffee?

Henry: Too early for us, we normally caffeinate around 10 or 11am.

Q Why are you doing this tour now?

Oscar: We're going to America in September and we're doing it all ourselves, we're paying for that whole thing out of our pockets and it's probably going to be pretty grim. Which is part of the reason.

Henry: We also have quite a lot of stuff we're planning on releasing in the near future, so when we booked this tour we kind of expected by this time we'd have a single out, which we don't, but we're going to play a lot of new material at the shows, which is a great opportunity. (At this point Danny Brady, of Death and The Maiden, walks past.)

Oscar: Oi, if you were to describe Soaked Oats' sound and put it in a stew ...

Danny: Kind of putting me on the spot. It would definitely be warm and creamy ... There'd be a lot of cream in the middle.

Q Your first album [Stone Fruit Melodies] felt very summery, and then the second [No Slip Ups] was wintery, so the third will be ...

Oscar: Hopefully not attributable to one particular season.

Henry: But it will be muddy, which can come about in any season, I think?

See it, hear it

• Soaked Oats, The Shred Part 2, Captain Cook hotel, Thursday 8.30pm, $15.

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