Queenstown Allergy Clinic brings specialised care closer to home

QMC Allergy Specialist Nurse Sandra Fleming and GPSI Allergy Dr Tonya Cruikshank
QMC Allergy Specialist Nurse Sandra Fleming and GPSI Allergy Dr Tonya Cruikshank
A dedicated allergy clinic at Queenstown Medical Centre (QMC) is improving patient access to expert care, while reducing pressure on general practice teams and secondary health care services.
QMC’s Dr Tonya Cruikshank and practice nurse Sandra Fleming hold allergy clinics, twice monthly, seeing patients with food and environmental allergies and associated conditions, such as eczema. The duo has additional training in allergy diagnoses, treatments and education and while they’ve been seeing patients with allergies for a number of years, growing demand has led to the specialist GP clinic – sometimes called a GPSI or GP with special interest clinic.
“The prevalence of allergies in the population is on the rise,” Dr Cruikshank explains. “Allergies are complex and usually require longer appointments, so a dedicated clinic with specialist staff makes sense.”
Dr Cruikshank said the benefit for patients is the option of having specialised care, without having to wait for and travel to a hospital appointment in Dunedin or Invercargill.
“Our goal is to provide patients with more clarity and understanding, helping them better self-manage their own treatments with our support,” Dr Cruikshank says.
For Queenstown mum Rebecca Roycroft, whose son Felix was seen at the clinic recently, the longer appointment and more in-depth discussion with the clinical team had immediate benefits in treating the four-year-old’s eczema.

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