To ‘E’ or not to ‘E’

Mike, Dexter and Tania from Dunedin enjoy their 40km daily commute...Photo supplied
Mike, Dexter and Tania from Dunedin enjoy their 40km daily commute...Photo supplied
The Dunedin store of your nationwide e-bike specialists,, is open in the heart of the city on Cumberland St.
From city and commuter e-bikes right through to electric mountain bikes, has a full range, with something to cater to a wide variety of riders.
E-bikes are perfect for Dunedin’s conditions, allowing riders to maintain their momentum when faced with the twin banes of all cyclists - hills and wind.
Of course, conquering those challenges is just one of the many benefits of e-biking.
In a city that now has great cycling infrastructure, e-bikes make getting around the city much easier and faster, while others sit in traffic. And that infrastructure is growing, with the cycle way sections connecting Portobello and Port Chalmers to be completed in the near future.
Commuting to work by e-bike is a great solution to a number of issues. As well as being quick, you’ll arrive fresh and not in need of a shower. And there’s no need to find a carpark and then walk for 20 minutes. You’ll also be saving money, and may be able to consider not having a car.And no doubt you will benefit from the light cardio workout twice a day, which is great for not just physical health, but mental health too.
E-bikes are safer, holding up traffic less, and getting off the mark quicker than normal bike. They also often have lights connected to the battery.
Unquestionably, they are good for the environment, with less CO2 emissions than a motor vehicle.
For the recreational rider, e-bikes make mountain-biking even more fun, allowing you to go further, faster. Uphill can be just as fun as downhill, and you won’t need to use the shuttle.
And e-bikes are a great leveller for couple and groups too, with everyone staying together, and not waiting for the slower ones to catch up.
Talk to today about the great range of e-bikes they have on offer. Open Monday-Friday 9am-5.30pm, Saturday 10am-4pm, Sunday 11am-2pm. 249B Cumberland St, Dunedin. Phone 021 035-9820, see for more info.

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