Inge Doesburg

I was born in Germany, married a New Zealander, and travelled to New Zealand in 1988. I have been living here ever since.

I have been interested in art from an early age. I went to a girl's school where I was taught that women could do anything - nothing was unachievable. My parents supported me to learn subjects that interested me.

In New Zealand I studied what most appealed to me: fine and visual art. I began my career as an artist after I completed my diploma from the Dunedin School of Art: first in printmaking, evolving into multi-media and painting.

I have been producing works in my studio, and exhibiting in my gallery, since 1993. I have also taught printmaking for a number of years.

Making art is a constant striving to better render my interpretation of the environment and express my worldview.

I paraphrase Shakespeare in giving advice to young women launching their careers:
To your own self be true,
And it must follow, as the night the day,
You canst not then be false to anyone. (Hamlet, act 1, scene 3).

International Women's Day is for me a celebration of women: an acknowledgement of our achievement, recognition of contributions, and a statement of equality.

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