The colour in red wine comes from macerating the red grape skins in the fermenting juice, so if you remove them after only a short time you get a pink or rose wine. If you press the juice out of the grapes and remove it from the skins straight away you get a blanc de noir or white wine made from red grapes. Roses are lovely for long summer lunches or lazy summer evenings. Serve lightly chilled.



Carrick Central Otago Rose 2012


Three and a half stars (out of five)

Good value

Pink and fragrant with hints of strawberries and redcurrants, this is a lively wine with lots of flavour and a firm, crisp finish.


Wooing Tree Central Otago Rose 2012


Three and a half stars

Average value

Pink and fragrant, oozing red summer fruits and berries with an underlying minerality and a lively, refreshing, dry finish. Delicious summer drinking. 


Tatty Bogler Central Otago Pinot Noir Rose 2011


Three and a half stars

Average value

A medium-sweet style of rose, pale pink and oozing seductive fruit suggesting strawberries and summer berries, with spicy undertones and an attractive finish.


Wooing Tree Central Otago Blondie 2012


Three and a half stars

Average value

Very pale with a pinkish tinge, this white wine made from pinot noir is lightly fragrant with hints of fresh apples and mandarins, with a hot, dryish finish.



Pasquale Waitaki Valley The White Rose 2011


Four stars

Average Value

Unlike the other wines in this tasting which are made entirely from pinot noir, this dry white includes some dolcetto, a fruity red Italian grape, with the pinot noir. It's fragrant, with hints of apple, pear and mineral, mouth-filling, firmly structured and textural, with a dry finish. A good food wine.


Wooing Tree (375ml) Central Otago Tickled Pink 2012

$38 V

Four stars

Below average value

A sweet pinot noir, this attractive but unusual dessert wine oozes fruit - mango, peach and strawberry. It's just the thing to accompany a rhubarb cake while watching the summer sun set.


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