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Disruptions in the supply chain are creating ongoing headaches for local importer/distributors, with increased lead times required to get many wines into the country whether they be from Europe, South America or Australia.

We are certainly not going to run out of wine, but you may see the occasional gap on shelves as new stocks/new vintages take that little bit longer to arrive.

It may mean that your favourite is out of stock for a week or two, but there will always be something else to whet your whistle, such as these Australian wines.

NV Taylors Pinot Noir
Chardonnay Brut Cuvee
Price RRP $19.99
Rating Very Good to Excellent

Fruit-driven nose of

grape, fresh and cooked
apple. Supple and
rounded palate, again in
a fruit-driven style with a
little wisp of apple cider
adding a tangy nuance.
Mouthfilling, adding
hints of lanolin/wet wool
with aeration, providing
easy drinkability. Not a
wine to ponder over, but
one to pop open and
enjoy with good


2018 Taylors Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir

Price RRP $19.99
Rating Good to Very Good

Jelly crystals, rose
petals, dried
strawberry, very
sweetly floral. A real
rush of sweet fruit
leads the palate,
hinting at raspberry
and dried fruits, with
some oak spice.
Threatens to be over-
sweet but some
crisp acidity and oak
char pull this back
from the precipice. A
sweeter style that
could be a good intro
to Pinot for those
new to reds.


2018 Vegan Wine Project South Australian Shiraz

Price RRP $18-$19
Rating Very Good

The nose is quite
fragrant with coffee,
mint, fruitcake,
chocolate and earth.
Light to medium-
weight rather than a
bruiser with a little
fleck of tannins giving
support, while a
growing tanginess on
the close keeps this
light on its feet. Clean,
well made and
certainly fits the
crowd-pleaser mould


2018 Taylors Clare Valley Shiraz

Price RRP $19.99
Rating Very Good to Excellent

Woodsmoke, dark
chocolate, dark
berryfruits and
blackcurrant, eucalypt
later. A touch of char
meets dark berries and
spice, while air brings
out some eucalypt and
earth. Nicely weighted
with good tannic
backbone, ripe yet not
over-sweet, with a lot
of all round appeal.
Shows its youthful
brashness over time,
but that should settle
down nicely.


2018 Taylors Clare Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
Price RRP $19.99
Rating Very Good to Excellent

Subtle mint/menthol
leads the nose, adding
earth and spiced dark
fruits. The palate turns
up the flavour intensity
matched by cooling
acidity and firm yet
well balanced tannins
which help to lend a
lip-smacking quality to
the close. A cool core
to this with mixed red
& dark fruits, char and
a little chocolate.
Develops a nice
chewiness that adds to
the texture.


2018 Taylors Clare Valley Merlot
Price RRP $19.99
Rating Excellent

Dark and brooding at
first with mint,
chocolate berryfruit
and growing florality.
Lovely volume to the
palate, the tannins
supple and nicely
integrated, the fruit
ripe, yet not over-
sweet with a little
char in support. The
tannic grip shows a
little more with
aeration and this
works as a whole.
Pleasantly surprised
to discover this is a


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