Pinot gris keeps on lifting with some marvellous offerings

The pinot gris juggernaut shows no signs of slowing, and after a relatively stable period, plantings have once again increased over the last couple of years.

Mind you, production in 2021 has seen similar reductions in volume to sauvignon blanc, which may put some pressure on allocations and supply into next year.

We are unlikely to see pinot gris run out, but it may put pressure on pricing at the volume end of the market, where the cost of a bottle has been remarkably consistent over recent years.

2021 Jules Taylor Marlborough Pinot Gris

Price RRP $24.99
Rating Very good to excellent

Powerful pear notes, a
wisp of fruit sherbet
and flower blossom.
Expressive palate
hinting at sweetness
yet closing dry. Pear
again, dry honey,
spice, almond coming
into play on the close
where a little
graininess to the
texture adds interest.
With time the nose
becomes more subtle,
a little juicy fruit gum
appears with a
bittersweet note on
the finish.

2021 Riverby Estate Single Vineyard Marlborough Pinot Gris

Price RRP $22
Rating Excellent

Stonefruit and fruit
cordial, ripe red apple,
there’s subtlety yet
complexity and interest.
Appealingly rich texture
echoing the notes on
the nose, adding flecks
of lime, fruit sweetness
yet the zesty acidity
keeps this juicy and
vibrant. Excellent
balance and integration,
the flavours carry on the
long finish, as some
chewy grip appears.
You want another glass
of this.

2019 Carrick Bannockburn Pinot Gris

Price RRP $28
Rating Excellent to outstanding

Fascinatingly different
nose, struck match,
bonfire embers, wine
gums, ripe apple,
apricot. It’s in the
savoury spectrum
with stony minerality,
dry honey, stonefruit,
almond and cashew
nut wound around
lovely texture. An
intriguing wine that
teases the senses and
feels serious and
‘‘grown up’’. A drier
style that would work
brilliantly with food. 

2020 Wooing Tree Central Otago Pinot Gris  

Price  RRP $32
Rating  Excellent

Anise/fennel, spices,
musk hinting at
tropical fruits. Bold
palate offering pear
drops, spices and dry
honey, moving to fruit
cordial with time in the
glass. Expressive, an
off-dry style but nicely
balanced with
freshening acidity and
a gentle tingly quality.
Good intensity of
flavour and lots of
appeal in a glass here.

 2020 Quartz Reef Single Vineyard Bendigo Pinot Gris

Price Price RRP $32
Rating Very good to excellent

A wisp of struck
match, savoury
nuances, a melange of
pear and red apple.
Stony minerality
leads, savoury
elements too, there’s
a fatness and power
here with the fruit in
support. Shows a little
warm glow at first but
this cools as the
acidity races in to add
zest. Another wine
that comes over as
more ‘‘serious’’ and

2021 Trinity Hill Hawke’s Bay Pinot Gris

Price RRP $24.99
Rating Very good

Spiced pears, apple,
a wisp of honey with
a little funky hint.
Supple entry, ripe
and relatively fat,
opulence here with
the flavours echoing
the nose, adding
cinnamon as it goes
along. There’s a little
glow of the summer
sun here with
freshening acidity to
keep this balanced.
Hits the right buttons
as a crowd pleaser.

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