Sparkling idea to support our local industry

Friday, March 25 marks the second Methode Marlborough Day, an opportunity to celebrate, while also supporting our local industry.

The sparkling harvest is always earlier than that for still wines, looking for the optimal balance between the acidity and the brix levels. For the 12 member wineries of Methode Marlborough, harvest took place from late February through until early March, so they’ll be delighted to have the fruit safely tucked up in the wineries, beginning the slow transformation into the methode traditionelle releases we will enjoy in the future.

The Methode Marlborough group upholds the traditional methode champenoise methods to make wines that can stand on the world stage, with a Kiwi twist.

Trophies for McArthur Ridge Wines

Matt Connell
Matt Connell
A shout out to Alexandra’s McArthur Ridge Wines and their winemaker Matt Connell who bought home two trophies from the recent New Zealand International Wine Show. Congratulations!

2020 McArthur Ridge Southern Tor pinot noir took the gong for champion pinot noir, while the 2021 McArthur Ridge Lilico pinot noir rose matched the honour in the rose section.

The pinot noir is available now, the rose due for release in early April.

Harvest under way in Otago

Before we can purchase the wines on our retail shelves, the yearly cycle of growing and then picking the grapes must run its course. Harvest 2022 is under way.

Quartz Reef, Akarua and Maude began picking for their bubbles programmes earlier in the month. Others will have followed suit picking pinot noir for rose, and as you read this a handful of early starters will have begun their main harvest.

Sub region, climate, micro-climate, altitude and more all influence picking dates, along with the style each winery is looking to make. It’s an exciting time. We’ll get a glimpse of the vintage as the first whites are released later this year.


NV Spy Valley Echelon Marlborough Methode Traditionelle


Price RRP $40
Rating Excellent

Attractive nose, warm
bread, biscuity, citrus,
creamy, a wisp of
anise. Lovely mousse,
excellent flavour
intensity, balancing
fruit with the toasty,
yeast autolysis.
Savoury nuances,
marmite, iron, dry
honey on the close.
Delightfully refreshing
finish with a touch of
tanginess keeping this
bright. Complex and



2018 Saint Clair Dawn Marlborough Methode Traditionelle


Price $49
Rating Very Good to Excellent

A funky nuance melds
with the warm baguette
and wet wool nuances.
Racy in the mouth, a
surge of acidity giving
rapier like thrust.
Initially there’s an
appealing sweet ‘n’
sour like quality that
leaves you salivating.
This mellows as notes
of honey on warm
bread and yeast extract
build. This would be
great with fish & chips!



NV No 1 Family Estate Assemble Marlborough Methode Traditionelle


Price $30-$35
Rating Excellent

Typical warm bread/
yeasty characters,
cucumber, fragrance
and savoury umami
notes. Lovely fine
bead, nice balance
here, picking up fruit
notes of peach and
nectarine neatly
contrasted by the
zesty acidity. As it
opens, savoury notes
and spices swell and
the powerful flavours
fill the mouth.
Delightfully long finish.
Stylish and classy.

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