Buzz continues with a bee in superstar's baggage

A Buzzy Bee flew off with Sir Elton John after his concert in Dunedin on Friday night.

The performer was in the city for only about eight hours, but left with a swag of souvenirs from the southernmost concert of his 40-year career.

"We got him half a dozen New Zealand T-shirts for his young son and a Buzzy Bee. You can't leave New Zealand without a Buzzy Bee," promoter Capital C: Concerts managing director Phil Sprey said yesterday.

Sir Elton also found time to pop into a Dunedin art gallery for a private exhibition of glasswork before the concert on Friday.

"He's been a client of ours for many, many years. It was something that was prearranged months ago and we put a special show together for him," Milford Galleries Dunedin director Steve Higginson said yesterday.

"He has purchased many New Zealand works from us over the years."

Mr Higginson would not reveal details of any works Sir Elton bought on Friday, citing client confidentiality.



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