$120 Elton John seats tipped to sell fast

The last few hundred tickets for the Dunedin Elton John concert on the eve of the general election are expected to be snapped up when they go on sale for $120 each tomorrow morning.

Promoter Capital C managing director Phil Sprey said the seats were dotted mainly in pairs, threes and fours all over Forsyth Barr Stadium and most were in expensive zones.

"For $120, some people could end up with a seat which was $400 previously."

It had been decided to offer the seats at the $120 price because the organisers did not want tickets "lingering" until the day of the concert.

Recent advertising had shown that almost no tickets were being sold outside Dunedin and the Central Otago region because of the difficulty of getting accommodation.

Dunedin had got to "saturation point" as far as accommodation was concerned.

If the remaining tickets were sold, that would bring the total audience to 35,500 people, he said.

"Once this lot has gone, then that's it."



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