Council posts letter to submitters on stadium

The much debated letter to residents who presented submissions to the Dunedin City Council on the Forsyth Barr Stadium was sent yesterday.

The letter, which Mayor Peter Chin dubbed during annual plan meetings last month as being "similar to The Forsyte Saga", is the council's reply to the 538 people who wrote submissions against the project, and the 10 in support.

It went through a grilling by councillors at the time, and was to be viewed by the council's solicitors before finally being signed off.

The council was unwilling to release the letter to the media yesterday before residents received it.

All residents who make submissions on an issue get a reply from the council at the end of the annual plan process.

• The Carisbrook Stadium Trust is launching its new brand for the stadium next week.

In January, principals of the Dunedin-based sharebroking and investment company Forsyth Barr signed a 10-year agreement with the trust for head naming rights, and the official name of Forsyth Barr Stadium at University Plaza was announced.

Trust communications consultant Gary Johnson said since that time, work had been done on the identity and brand of the stadium.

That would be released at a function on Thursday.

The new name officially takes over from the last version, the Otago Stadium, launched with its own advertising blitz in October last year.



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