Dunedin lights back on after outage

Street lights are back on in Dunedin after a widespread outage was reported on Thursday night.

On social media, people began commenting that the lights were going out from 7.30pm.

Areas reported to be affected included Brighton, Green Island, Outram, Mosgiel, North East Valley, Pine Hill, Sawyers Bay and St Kilda.

A police spokeswoman said the first call to police was from a Glenleith resident just after 7pm, followed by calls from residents in Fairfield, Green Island, Mosgiel and North Dunedin.

The final call to police about the outage was from another North Dunedin resident at 8.10pm.

A spokesman for Delta said the lights came back on across the city before 9.25pm.


I suppose the dimming of the lights was just a tribute to the outgoing boss with his miserly million dollars.
Do they do that for all the ex staff?

Rate payers need to know the reason why this happened and was is being done to stop it happening again