GP liaison officer steps down

The Southern District Health Board says it is reviewing the role of its Otago GP liaison officer after Dr Anne Worsnop's departure from the role this month.

Dr Worsnop, who is a GP at Maori Hill Clinic, in Dunedin, signed off from the role in her monthly newsletter earlier this month, after more than five years. Dr Worsnop, who could not be contacted, said in the newsletter it was time for a change in direction.

Her monthly newsletters updated GPs on matters such as overloaded hospital departments, new hospital staff members, or to issue reminders or warnings.

Patient services executive director Lexie O'Shea said Dr Worsnop made an outstanding contribution during her time in the GP liaison officer job.

The board wanted to form better links with the GP sector, so it would review the role's scope and shape before replacing it, Mrs O'Shea said.


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